A midsummer online-course 

June 28th till July 28th 


Half the year has already passed, summer is at its highest point. A perfect moment, to take a pause and find out, where we stand.

Like all cycles in life, a year has its different phases. Summer being the time for blossoming, growth and manifestation of our dreams. 

We planted those seeds back in winter, especially around new year, when we welcomed this new cycle, many of us with big hopes and visions.

Where have those visions led us so far? Do they flower as we hoped? Or did we forget about them, get distracted or disappointed? What is it, we truly want to experience in this year? And what do we need, in order to get there?

Together, we will re-visit our past self and reflect on the “seeds”, we planted. 

We will look at where we stand and what could be changed or course-corrected in order to get closer to what we’re wishing for. We will let go of what doesn’t serve us any more and use the summer energy, to invite new things. 

Also, we’re going to use the power of the moon cycle as a microcosm for the bigger picture.

In two life ceremonies (right before the new and full moon), we will burn, what no longer serves and invite the new. I’ll guide you through a meditation and breath-work, to access your inner wisdom. We will also visit some of the parts, that might block you from getting where you want to go. There will be partner-exercises, a group chat, homework and different additional impulses from me.

And maybe most importantly, we will celebrate together what we have achieved so far and all the blessings that surround us with dance, song, prayer and some delicious recipes that bring the energy of summer into our cells.


The course will open on the 28th of June with a first life call and ceremony right before the new moon and close on July 28th.


There will be two life calls on the evenings of the 28th of June and the 12th of July, both taking approximately 1 ½ – 2 hrs. 

There’ll also be a partner practice for which I’m going to pair you up and we’ll have a WhatsApp group to connect and share our experiences. You can choose, how long and often you show up there.

Plus, I’m going to give you some homework, impulses and exercises, to deepen the process. This, too depends on your own timing and willingness to dive into the work. 


As this is a premier, this course will only be 111€ for now, but the price might increase in a few days. If you’re in, you can Paypal it directly on sarah.schill@gmx.net

Or for further details, just send me a message on: mail@sarahschill.net 


I am Sarah, writer, podcaster, coach, healer, woman, mother, wife and more than anything: A big lover of this wild and precious ride called life. To experience it fully, to become the freest, truest, most beautiful version of who I was meant to be and to savor every moment of this magical journey, has become my life’s purpose. To support others on their ride back home to themselves, my biggest honor.